Who We Are

St. Luke's is an Anglican parish belonging to the Diocese of Western Anglicans in the Anglican Church of North America. We affirm Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and we acknowledge the Bible as the authoritative Word of God. We combine the tradition and teachings of the worldwide Anglican Communion with a Spirit-led evangelism evident in our worship as well as many local and international outreach activities.

Our Beliefs

We teach that God. . .

  1. Has created and is sustaining all that exists and whose truth is revealed to us in the Holy Bible.
  2. Has entered human history in the crucified and risen Savior, Jesus of Nazareth.
  3. Works through the church for the redemption of creation by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Changes lives through the Gospel of Christ, calling Christians to lives of:
    • continuing  renewal
    • discovery of new ways to communicate and live out the gospel of Jesus Christ in the world.
    • welcoming and witness to all no matter where they are on life's journey of faith.
    • practicing compassion and justice as signs of Christ's presence in the world.
  5. Has provided a foundation for life and ministry in the Holy Scriptures and the historical witness of the Christian church – especially in the ecumenical Creeds.

Our Mission 

Encountering Christ, Transforming Lives, Demonstrating Love

We Encounter Christ in his Holy Scriptures, in his Holy Sacraments and through the power of the Holy Spirit.

An encounter with the living God Transforms Lives, because his great love always heals, forgives and blesses us into the likeness of his son.

As Christ’s disciples loved by our Father in heaven, we seek to Demonstrate Love to those around us, both near and far, by helping others and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

To gather in the lost, bind up the brokenhearted, and set the captives free; teaching all to become disciples of Jesus Christ, providing a home where God is glorified in worship, remembering the poor and sending out leaders for God’s mission in the world.

Core Values

Worship, Prayer, Study, Fellowship, Service and Evangelism.


St. Luke’s is a member of the Diocese of Western Anglicans within the Anglican Church of North America, and is part of the historic, worldwide, missionary family of Christians known as the Anglican Communion.

Our History

St. Luke’s began in the early 1920s when a group of Christians had a vision for an Episcopal church in the Crescenta Valley. The church was called St. Luke’s of the Mountains Episcopal Church. In 1924, the cornerstone of the original building, a picturesque chapel built of local stone, was laid at the corner of Foothill Boulevard and Rosemont Avenue in La Crescenta.

Over the ensuing years, there have been nine Rectors and countless ministries offered for the people of the Crescenta Valley and the world. St. Luke’s has had a history of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, bringing healing to the broken hearted, raising up leaders for ministry and sending them out to do God’s work in the world.

In 2006, St. Luke’s was called out of the Episcopal Church to stand firm for the “faith once delivered”. As a result, we left our historic property on Foothill Boulevard three years later and began a new journey together as St. Luke’s Anglican Church on the Feast of St. Luke in October 2009.

We now hold worship services in the Seventh Day Adventist Church on Vallejo Drive, Glendale and keep offices at a Foursquare Church building on Foothill Boulevard in La Crescenta.

Also in 2009, St. Luke’s became part of the Diocese of Western Anglicans under the leadership of newly consecrated Bishop Bill Thompson and was received into the Anglican Church of North America, formed that same year. The diocese includes 27 congregations in the western United States.
Following Christ for the sake of the Gospel has been transformational for St. Luke’s. Our identity as the Church has been deepened. Our dedication to Jesus as Lord has been strengthened and a new joy and love for the Gospel has been released in our midst. The people of the congregation have a growing sense of God’s mission to the people of the Crescenta Valley.  Now, some 80 years later, St. Luke’s continues to be a group of Christians with a renewed vision for the Crescenta Valley, a vision of great fruitfulness where God is glorified to all the nations.