When we are baptized we become members of the Body of Christ. We are joined with all other Christians in that fellowship. When we become members of a local church we are saying that we are a part of that particular part of God’s family and we agree to participate in its ministry through our time, our talents, and our treasure.

Our Membership Process

  1. Attend a Newcomer's Gathering - We hold regular meetings for newcomers to join in fellowship, ask questions, and learn more about our church. See when the next one is scheduled!

  2. Participate in St. Luke's Essentials Course - Our membership class covers the basics of faith, Anglicanism, and what it means to be a member.

  3. Meet with the Rector - Prospective members will meet with the rector to discuss prior church affiliation, any other questions you have, and make sure you are connecting in ministries and small groups as you're able and gifted.

  4. Agree to our Membership Covenant - We ask that members assent to a scripture-based covenant, outlining our values and commitments within the St. Luke's Community.

Interested in finding out about membership? Contact us in the office: (818)249-5100, or