Engage Training
Saturday, March 3, 2018
All Saints Cathedral
346 Termino Avenue, Long Beach, CA
Cost: $30

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The Engage initiative is designed to raise up ordinary members from your congregation to begin and carry on the important work of passing on the faith to young people. Participants need to be adults of your congregation that you identify as godly individuals who live a life worthy of imitation (1 Corinthians 11:1) and love and trust the scriptures (1 Timothy 4:16).


The method

Talk. Study. Pray.

Many people are capable of helping young people to follow Christ but just need some encouragement and basic training in order to get started. Engage works around the simple idea of equipping older Christians to meet regularly with one or more young
people to:
• Talk with them to get to know them and discuss matters of faith,
• Study the Bible,
• Pray together.

This is a simple method of engaging young people in the faith. Yet for many, this kind of ministry has never been modeled for us, so starting out can be a little intimidating. Engage will help equip ordinary members of congregations through a weekend of