Our Vision:

To gather in the lost, bind up the brokenhearted, and set the captives free; teaching all to become disciples of Jesus Christ, providing a home where God is glorified in worship, remembering the poor and sending out leaders for God’s mission in the world.

To realize this vision, the St. Luke’s Vestry has created a Strategic Plan. It was developed through our consulting process with Pastor Terry Bates of Building God's Way and prayerful retreat:

There are three main goals:

  1. Secure a full time worship facility (leased or purchased).
  2. Create “bridges” to our community through outreach
  3. Hire a full time Associate Rector – to serve as a “Connections” pastor

This is a three-year campaign, from May 2013- May 2016, designed to help us gain Ministry and Financial Momentum, turning our weaknesses into strengths. Please note this is not simply some new way of doing a capital campaign. This is a holistic approach that will help us gain momentum in our mission of Encountering Christ, Transforming Lives and Demonstrating Love.

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Three-Year Faith Goals

To achieve this, Fr. Rob and the Vestry have been working to build ministry and financial “momentum” through our campaign -- “Building to Serve”.  We are asking everyone to commit to a three year “Faith Goal” to financially support the mission God has given St. Luke’s. It is important that you understand that we are asking you to hear from God to set your Faith Goal, because he knows what he will enable you to give.

Funding Plan

We have set a three-year target of $850K, which is twice our current budget.  A majority of the money will be going toward the building fund and salary and benefits of an Associate Rector.  The Vestry is committed to tithing 10% to fund community outreach efforts that build “bridges” to our community.  This target amount is in addition to annual stewardship giving, which will continue to fund our operating budget.


Your contributions will be deposited to a restricted “Building to Serve” account, separate of our operating budget, and will be utilized only for the purpose of building-up our church, and securing a church building.

We will establish and maintain a three-year budget for this campaign and regularly provide an accounting of the income and expenses of the “Building to Serve” fund, and report on our progress toward our goal.

Momentum Going Forward

Over the coming three years, we will be continually encouraging one another to build upon the foundation we have laid during the initial kick-off of the Momentum Campaign and initial commitments received.  We will strive to increase our ministries and their effectiveness in order to grow the size of our church body.  We will seek additional support to finance our increased operating budget as well as growing the “Building to Serve” fund.  This fund will enable us to responsibly search for and react to facility opportunities we know God will present to us.

Join us in "Building to Serve".