Songs We're Singing - September 27


This week we hear, from both Old and New Testament, about the mysterious way God chooses to dispense the gift of God's Spirit. In the Numbers reading, both the elders with Moses, who are in the "right" place, and the two who were in the "wrong" place, prophesied in the Spirit. Joshua (of Jericho fame) is annoyed and wants Moses to stop this unauthorized display of God's power. But Moses rightly laments: "Would that all the LORD's people were prophets, and that the LORD would put his spirit on them!" As we know, God answers Moses' plea at Pentecost. In our Gospel reading, Jesus' disciples are similarly perturbed by some people who were outside their fellowship, but still casting out demons in Jesus' name. Again, Jesus signals a desire for more people to be blessed with the power of the Spirit, not just his groupies. We don't always understand the ways God moves to bring his will about in our world. But these stories show us that we should be asking things like: "God, what are you doing? How can we partner with your work?" We should not worry so much about the right place and time for the move of God's Spirit, but thank God whenever and wherever he chooses to make himself known.

A new song (to us) this week is called "Sing to Jesus," by Fernando Ortega. Here's a lovely arrangement:

Another new(er) song this week is "Build Your Kingdom Here," by Rend Collective:


I look forward to worshipping with you this Sunday!