Songs We're Singing - June 21


This week's Gospel lesson is the story of Jesus calming the waves, as told in Mark. This account subtly invokes the Genesis account of creation. The writer notes that "evening had come," which recalls the refrain of "there was evening, and there was morning" from the 1st chapter of the Bible. Jesus also uses the power of his spoken word to command the sea, by saying "Peace! Be still!" This reminds us of God's explosive work of creation by the simple command of "Let there be..." And the account ends with the baffled disciples fearfully pondering: "Who then is this?" Our answer, which Mark leads us to with his echoes of Genesis, is that this man Jesus is identical to the God of creation, who created all things seen and unseen, who still wields ultimate power over what He has made, and who brings about peace and stillness in the chaos of a storm. That is the Jesus we will worship and adore together this Sunday!

Our offertory will be a musical retelling of this story, "The Man Who Calmed the Sea":


Another newer song we'll sing this Sunday is "Father Open Our Eyes," by Anglican worship pastor Jamie Brown


I look forward to worshipping with you!