Songs We're Singing - May 31 (Trinity Sunday)


This week we celebrate Trinity Sunday. It is a fitting point in the liturgical calendar, as we have seen the work of the Triune God in history through the worship of Holy Week, Easter, and Pentecost. We have told the story of God the Father sending God the Son to redeem us and God the Spirit to live within us. We now join in the historic profession of the Church, and declare that this one God we worship exists eternally in community, a loving fellowship of Persons. This is more than just a philosophical construct. It tells us that God is and always has been fundamentally relational, and that the relationship we have with God is an outflow of this reality. When we are living as parents, siblings, spouses, and friends, it is this relational God who empowers us to live in relationship with all those in our sphere of influence. We can trust that God is at work restoring and strengthening our families and friendships, because He wills to see our lives reflect this triune community of love.

We'll sing one less familiar song this Sunday. The text is translated from a 9th century prayer. Here's a link to listen to "Prayer to the Trinity":

I look forward to worshipping with you this Sunday!