Songs We're Singing - April 12


Happy Easter! As we celebrate the season of Easter (yes, it is a season!), we will hear many Gospel accounts of the disciples' interaction with the Risen Lord. This week, we hear the account in John 20 of Thomas' demand for visual evidence of the Resurrection. In our day and age, this refrain sounds all too familiar: "I need to see it for myself! It must be proven! Science! Data!" and so on. We pride ourselves on how far we've come at figuring things out, and having a system which can unequivocally tell us whether a thing is true or false. Scientific inquiry, to be sure, is a wonderful and necessary enterprise, yet Jesus' rising from the dead opens to humanity an entirely new way of thinking, being, and speaking about the world. We are confronted with a reality that supersedes all we have previously thought we had figured out. In this new mode of being, faith becomes an equal partner with sight. We as disciples 2000 years removed actually get a special blessing from Jesus, who knows how hard it is to believe without seeing. So let the radical newness of Easter life bring light into your darkness this week. Seek to leave room for faith when your mind seeks clarity, evidence, and assurance. The apostle Paul knew the struggle we have when he wrote about seeing through a glass dimly, with the sure hope of one day seeing Jesus face to face.  

We won't sing anything this week that's new to our congregation, but these two songs may be unfamiliar to you if you're new to St. Luke's:

Come People of the Risen King


Face to Face


I look forward to worshipping with you this Sunday!