Songs We're Singing - March 8


This week's readings focus on the law of God and the human impulses to break, twist, and subvert God's perfect commandments. Reading Exodus 20  on this side of history is a lot like hearing about the "unsinkability" of the Titanic - we almost cringe knowing the multitude of ways in which the people of God proceeded to break the law, worship idols, and follow what was right in their own eyes. And in the Gospel lesson, Jesus adamantly refuses to allow the worship of God to be commodified and monetized in a way that brought injustice and corruption into the Temple.
So we see that God cares about our actions, and our worship, in a very real way. And, as Paul reminds us in Romans, we find our actions to be so tainted and twisted that we do not do the things we know or desire, but feel enslaved by our sin. Therefore, as Christians who have the heart and mind of Christ, we must continually call on God to dwell in our every thought, deed, and word. We must seek continual renewl of our minds and hearts from His strength, not our own. Only by living the life Christ gives us will we see resurrection power going out from us.

This week we'll sing a song I wrote called "Come and Save." You can hear a rough recording below:

Another song that's less familiar to our congregation is called "Give us Clean Hands," by Charlie Hall. Here's a link to listen:


I look forward to worshiping with you all on Sunday!