Songs We're Singing - January 11 (Epiphany)


This Sunday, we will be celebrating the Feast of the Epiphany. The actual date of this feast was Tuesday, January 6th, but we will transfer it to Sunday. A different name for this day is "The Manifestation of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Gentiles." As our Gospel reading demonstrates, the meaning of this season is to celebrate that from the beginning of his life, Jesus was manifesting God's love for all peoples, all nations, around the world. Wise men came from the east, who had no blood relation to the people of Israel, no genealogical claim to the family of God. Yet they are drawn in by signs and wonders in the sky, and offer worship to Jesus, the Lord of all peoples, Jews and Gentiles alike. As we meditate on this wonderful truth, let us continue to think about how to call all nations, all peoples, everywhere, into the joy and salvation of the Kingdom of God.

For offertory, we will sing a new song based on our Old Testament text. You can click below to listen to this song:

We will also sing this song by the Keith Getty and Stuart Townend, which ends with the line: "From each tribe and tongue and nation, You are leading sinners home":


I look forward to joining with you in worship this Sunday!