Songs We're Singing - February 1st


This week, we will be reading about Jesus' authority. In our Gospel lesson, Jesus commands an unclean spirit to leave, and the people marvel at his authority to do so. As we have seen the last week, the exercise of spiritual authority is important to our life together as Anglicans. Our bishop was consecrated by the laying on of hands, and we believe that the Holy Spirit is now empowering him for ministry, and enabling him to exercise pastoral and spiritual authority in our diocese. God has granted the authority of Jesus not only to him, but to each of us in whatever trials we face. Remember as you go about your week that Christ lives in you, and you can love and serve resting in his power and authority.

This week we'll sing a newer song called "Love Has Come," by Matt Maher:


We'll also sing a song that has become familiar to many of us, "Your Great Name":


I look forward to worshiping with you on Sunday!