Songs We're Singing - Jan. 18


This week, we will read the account of two famous callings in the Bible: the calling of Samuel the prophet, and the calling of two of Jesus' disciples. As we celebrate the season after the Epiphany, the correlation is clear: When God reveals his glory to us, a movement and action of response is the appropriate result. We are not called to marvel and wonder, like spectators at a great performance, but to worship (like the wise men), to tell the good news (like the shepherds) and to follow the One who is revealed (like the disciples). Let us consider how God's revelation of glory impacts us, and what our unique response may be, out of gratitude and love for the God who came as our flesh-and-blood brother and friend.

We'll sing a newer song this week, called "Remembrance." Here's a recording to familiarize yourself with the song:


Another newer song we'll sing this week is "Christ is Enough." The familiar lyrics (with new music) express this week's theme: "I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back...":


I look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday!