Songs We're Singing - July 27


This week's Old Testament reading is the story of King Solomon asking the LORD to grant him a wise and discerning heart, to know how to govern the people. Here's Fr. Rob's preparation: "Many people are familiar with 'the wisdom of Solomon.' But many forget how he received it. As Christians we have access to even greater wisdom than Solomon. It is one of the great treasures of the kingdom given to us in Christ. Today we will see what we can learn from King Solomon’s prayer for wisdom and our own access to wisdom and understanding through the Holy Spirit. Take time to ask the Lord to open His Word to your heart and your heart to his word."


A newer song for this week is "All Who Are Thirsty," by Brenton Brown and Glenn Robertson:


Some other songs this week: By Faith, Christ Be All Around Me, and Be Unto Your Name.

See you Sunday!