Songs We're Singing - July 20


This week at St. Luke's, many of our songs will follow the theme introduced in the Collect: "Have compassion on our weakness..." As human beings, we are often acutely aware of our own shortcomings, failings, and inadequacies. We beat ourselves up for not saying the right thing, or our lack of self-control, or any number of ways we show our frailty and sinfulness. The beauty of Christian worship is that we are able to offer up these things to God, trusting that God's faithfulness and love toward us will bring compassion, mercy, and healing. We seek his compassion, not on the basis of our deserving, but on the basis of God's promises to us in Scripture. 

One song that highlights this theme, and is relatively new to our congregation, is "Compassion Hymn" by the Gettys and Stuart Townend:


A song we introduced two weeks ago is "Christ Be All Around Me." We'll sing it again this week:


May the God of compassion fill you with his merciful assurance and love this week! See you Sunday!