Songs We're Singing - June 1 (Ascension Day)


This Sunday we will celebrate Ascension Day. Today (Thursday) is the official date for the feast, which commemorates Jesus' glorious ascension. Often growing up, I thought of the Ascension in terms of Jesus' leaving the disciples. He's gone! Not here anymore! Disappeared! However, this isn't what's really going on. The Ascension is not about Jesus leaving us (he promised to never leave us), but instead about him rising to take his place on the throne as Lord of all. In the same way we might talk about the "ascent to power" of a ruler or king in history, Jesus' ascension is a way to describe his taking the place of risen Ruler and conquering King. Our songs this Sunday will reflect that truth.

A song I wrote reflects on this reality of Jesus ascending as King. We'll be singing it Sunday. Here's a rough recording:

We'll sing the song "Behold Our God" again, speaking of Jesus as "risen now to reign":


Other songs for the week include Across the Lands, Hail the Day that Sees Him Rise, and Crown Him with Many Crowns.

I look forward to celebrating the ascension of our Lord this Sunday with you!