Songs We're Singing - May 4th


This Sunday, May 4th, is the third Sunday of Easter. We continue to hear stories of Jesus' encounters with his disciples after the Resurrection. This week, he walks with two of his disciples to Emmaus, though they don't recognize him. As they go, he explains the meaning of the Scriptures to them, teaching them why his death and resurrection are the fulfillment and culmination of the Old Testament. Finally, when he breaks bread and gives it to them, their eyes are opened to recognize him as their teacher and Lord.

The songs we sing this week focus on the two ways God primarily reveals the Son to us: through Word and Table. We will ask God to "open the eyes of our hearts," that we might see Him revealed in glory. 

A new song this week is "Remembrance," which focuses on the mystery of the Eucharist. Listen to a version of the song here:


Other songs for this week: Speak O Lord, 10,000 Reasons.

Let us worship together this Sunday knowing that Jesus loves to make himself known to us in the Scriptures and in the breaking of bread.