Songs We're Singing - Dec. 21 (Advent IV)


This final week of Advent, our readings focus on Jesus as "great David's greater son," as our opening hymn puts it. Jesus is the true and good King of the people of Israel. His royal lineage and heritage are part of the Christmas story, as the Gospels recount his family tree, and highlight the birthplace of Bethlehem as the "town of David." Yet his reign and rule extend beyond the historic territories of Israel - the presence of the Gentile "wise men" proclaims that Jesus is sovereign over the distant nations as well. As we conclude our Advent worship, let us honor and proclaim Jesus, the world's true King and Lord!

We will sing a song this Sunday called "Mother of God" by the group The Brilliance:

We'll also sing a song we've learned recently called "Your Great Name":


See you on Sunday!