Songs We're Singing - Nov. 30 (Advent I)


This Sunday, we begin the liturgical season anew, with the first Sunday of Advent. The secular version of Advent is a mad rush towards the impending euphoria of Christmas - gifts, stuff, bustle, and cheer. But the Church observes Advent in a different, more ponderous way. It carries the feeling of sparseness and penitence that we often experience in Lent. The goal of this is also to prepare us for Christmas, but not the same Christmas the world around us preaches. We journey quietly, humbly, to see this thing that has happened, this Incarnation of our Lord - God in flesh. It is a reality that should instill awe and wonder, not anxiety and stress. As we have mentioned regarding our Advent Sabbath Groups, we hope to make space for worship this season. Our prayer is that we will all find ways to sing "O come, let us adore Him!" with our whole hearts this Advent and Christmas season.

As we change our liturgy and altar colors, our sung responses will change as well. Here's some recordings of the service music we will sing during Advent:


For our offertory, we'll sing this song I wrote last year, entitled "King of Glory Come":

I look forward to worshiping in this Advent season with you all!