Songs We're Singing - October 5


This week, as we continue our study series on the letter to the Philippians, we will be reading from chapter 1, verse 27-30. It's helpful when reading this passage, and others like it, to know that Philippi was a Roman military colony. The language of "standing firm" and "striving side by side" evokes an image of military formations and fierce battles. The Christians in Philippi were struggling with opposition, and the cult of emperor worship strongly challenged the Gospel of Jesus as Lord. Paul calls us, in our day, to continue to struggle and contend for the faith once delivered to the saints, which can at times feel like a battle. His solution is to encourage unity and single-mindedness in the Church, focusing all of our energy on Jesus and His kingdom. Much of what we sing this week will have the same goal: turning our minds and hearts toward our Savior.

A new song this week, which fits this theme, is called "Alive in You" Listen to it here:


We'll also sing "Come People of the Risen King" a song by the Gettys which calls us to unity: "One heart, One voice, O Church of Christ rejoice!"


I look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday!