Meet the Vestry

The Vestry of St. Luke's is comprised of 12 members who are elected by the parish to work with the clergy in managing the temporal affairs of the church. Vestry members generally serve three-year terms, with four members rotating off each year. The 2014 Vestry include:

Kathy Cavander - Clerk

I am happily married to Steve. We began attending St. Luke’s in 1998 and became members soon after. I work in Neurodiagnostics and Sleep at Glendale Adventist Medical Center. I love being a teacher of our pre-school/kindergarten children in Little Church. I am Clerk of the Vestry, on the Stewardship Committee, Co-Leader of the Prayer Partners and am active in various other ministries.


Gabriele Carls Bahnam

I was born in Northern Germany into a Lutheran family in a predominantly Lutheran community. I was baptized and confirmed into the evangelische Lutherische Kirche of Germany. Born into the faith, I grew up well protected, with God and my music. Music is to this day how I feel closest to God, and it is my favorite form of worshipping him. When I sing I feel close to him, able to throw all my troubles onto the cross and truly listen to what he wishes me to do. Serving with the worship team of St. Luke’s has been a true blessing for me.

I have been attending St Luke’s for a little over five years and I feel strongly that God has lead me here. Thanks to Him I am living in the fifth decade of my life and feel closer to the Lord than ever before. He has led me through difficult times and has been a steadfast companion drawing me closer and closer to Him.

My education is in neurobiology with research and teaching experience. Currently I am managing an ambulatory surgery center, where we treat children with special needs.  Recently I embarked on another new journey. I am engaged and am currently preparing for marriage.  St Luke’s warmth and compassion has been a blessing in my life beyond compare and has become my spiritual home. It is with great honor and even greater trepidation that I am answering your call to serve you. I will do so faithfully with His guidance and your prayers.


Dorothy Geronimi

I have been a member of St. Luke’s for 20 years and have been blessed to have been a part of a variety of Lay Leadership roles such as Junior Warden, Vestry Member (for at least two full three years terms), Co-Directress of the Altar Guild, Usher / Greeter, and have been involved in Children’s and Youth Ministries.  I am also currently serving as a Delegate to the Diocese of Western Anglicans.

I was raised in the Roman Catholic tradition and attended 12 years of parochial school. I began worshipping in the Episcopal tradition after my marriage in 1988. I love the richness of our Anglican liturgy and worship.

My husband passed away a little over 7 years ago after a lengthy illness due to complications from Multiple Sclerosis. Our church family has been a source of strength, love, and healing over the years. I have two adult children, Sean and Erin. My daughter continues to participate in service to St. Luke’s in the Music Ministry and with Media and my son attends another local church since graduating from college last year.

My many years of experience in the insurance industry has given me gifts of administration and organization. (I currently work as an underwriter). I would consider it a great privilege to be part of the Vestry as St. Luke’s moves forward toward what God has planned for our future.


Jeff Hammer


I strive to live a life that is modeled after Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit.  I am humbly aware that I cannot pursue these goals on my own, and that I (and all believers) require the encouragement, accountability, and fellowship of the Body of Christ.  I have spent time in many different Christian traditions -- I was baptized in the Greek Orthodox Church, spent my formative years in a non-denominational Bible church, and some in-between years at a Baptist church -- but it is in the history and traditions of the Anglican church I have found a home.

I have been a member of St. Luke's since 2009, when my family moved from Chicago to Pasadena, and for many years attended an Anglican church in the Chicago area.  I am originally from Syracuse, NY.  My wife, Miyoung, and I have three kids:  Asher, Sophia, and Isaac.

I am humbled to be nominated to serve on the vestry.


Donna Hogstedt

I was born and raised in southern California to Christian parents with a rich heritage of serving the Lord.  As a matter of fact, as a girl, we were in church Sunday mornings, evenings, Wednesday nights, Thursday nights (choir practice) and most any other night if there was an evangelist or missionary visiting our church.   I was raised in the Pentecostal tradition and remember going to the front of the church at age 5 to ask the Lord to be my Savior.   As I grew up, I drifted away but the Lord in His mercy drew me back into His loving embrace and I've served Him ever since.

1975 was a big year for our family.   Roy & I married, we bought the house we currently live in and had our first son.  In 1978, our second son was born and we looked for a church home where we could raise our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.  So, for 28 years we attended a local Presbyterian church where I was an ordained deacon.  Then for various reasons we felt it was time to find a new church home.   I prayed and sought the Lord's will, visited 9 different churches over the course of a year when we found ourselves at St. Luke's in 2005.  We'd never attended a liturgical church but could feel the power and presence of the Holy Spirit and we never left.

Since becoming a member of St. Luke's, I've participated in several a lay reader, as a member of several healing prayer teams, attend a small group and led "Soup Group" for 7 consecutive years.  I am both humbled and honored to be asked to serve on the vestry at St. Luke's.


Debbie Kollgaard

Debbie Kollgaard, along with her husband Chris, have been members of St. Luke’s Anglican Church since 1997.  She has been an active participant in the life of St. Luke’s where she has been, or currently is active, on the worship team, stewardship committee, hospitality committee, intercessors and healing prayer ministry, and the communications ministry.  She has served previously on the Vestry for two terms, serving as Senior Warden from 2007-2010.  She has also served the Diocese of Western Anglicans since its formation in 2007; most recently completing a 2 ½ year term as it’s President.  Her hopes and prayers for St. Luke’s are that St. Luke’s will be an outward focused community; looking for ways to serve the communities in which we live to reach them with the saving love of Jesus Christ.


Jonathan Mills

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. In an ever changing world I know Hebrews 13:8 to be vividly true. Jesus Christ has been the only constant and unchanging presence in my life in both the good times and the bad. God is always blessing me with his infinite love. I know I could not survive in this world without Christ as my savior and loving father.

I am very thankful that St Luke's is a church alive and full of The Spirit. I first came to this congregation three years ago when The Lord showed me a clearpath to its door. I love the familiar and scripturally solid liturgy and value our weekly men's group when, each Saturday morning, we study God's Word and support the church, and each other, in prayer. I also feel privileged to be able to serve on the worship team.

I am the son of missionary parents who were based in England. I was educated at Oxford University and I have mostly made my living in the art, motion picture advertising, and design fields. I now work in fine art, in the "art world", and I paint pictures.

Melanie Edwards Nichols

I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and I accepted Christ's salvation at the age of 5 through the guidance of my parents and my Sunday School teachers. I continued to follow Christ with ups and downs throughout high school, college, and law school. After my husband, Greg, and I were married in 2011, we moved to Burbank. In 2013 we found St. Luke's on the recommendation from several friends in Community Bible Study, where I currently run the children's program, and we felt immediately at home. We deeply appreciate the genuine love and Christ-focused community that St. Luke's offers, and we feel blessed to be a part of that. We felt especially cared for with the celebration at the birth of our son, Edward, last year. We currently are in a small group through St. Luke's and I serve as a lay reader and chalice bearer.  I pray that St. Luke's will continue to proclaim the truth of the gospel with love to the surrounding communities and will be a means by which Christ becomes known to those around us. I pray that many will come to know Christ and love Him more deeply through St. Luke's.

Eric Overholt - Senior Warden


I joined St. Luke's with my wife, Dedra, in 2007, shortly after moving to Los Angeles. Since then, we have been very active in the church – particularly our small groups. We have been particularly blessed by the deep relationships we have developed within that ministry, and by the discipleship, fellowship, and prayer support that community brings. I also enjoy helping out in the youth ministry and love the energy and enthusiasm young people have when their faith is vibrant. More recently, I have begun layreading and joining the music team during worship. I have also been the chair of the Building to Serve campaign since August of 2012.

I was born and raised in Bethany, Oklahoma, a suburb of Oklahoma City. I am blessed with a long heritage of Christian family in the Nazarene denomination and grew up an active member of Bethany First Church of the Nazarene. I accepted Christ's salvation at a summer camp in second grade at the age of 7. I enjoyed excellent youth leadership during junior high, and received solid discipleship and leadership training during these formative years. During my undergraduate years at Baylor University, I was introduced to the Episcopal church and slowly but surely developed a love for the Anglican liturgy and appreciation of the sacraments. After two years regularly attending St. Alban's Episcopal Church in Waco, TX, my view of baptism grew high enough that I figured I better get it done. So shortly after graduating college, I was baptized at my old home church in Bethany at the age of 22.

A Juilliard-trained french horn player in the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Dedra and I moved to LA when I began my tenure with the Phil. We have two, beautiful, blond-haired blessings in Rachel, 6, and Sam, 2. In my free time, I enjoy stargazing, Lakers basketball, and Dodgers baseball.


Keith Putman

Keith first learned to love, call upon, and then follow Christ at the end of his teenage years, after a youth of agnosticism. After many years as a non-denominational, and Presbyterian Christian, Keith became an Anglican through St. Luke's, which is where his godson Sam Grecu was baptized, and where he met and married his brilliant and lovely wife Kathy.  A member for over ten years now, Keith currently serves at St. Luke's by co-leading a small group with Kathy and mixing audio for the occasional Sunday worship service. A storyteller by vocation and a filmmaker by trade, Keith lives in La Crescenta with Kathy, their son Jake, and family dog Cotton.  


Nick Read Brown - Junior Warden

Read Brown, Nick.jpg

I am a student at Fuller Seminary working toward my Phd. My wife is Audrey and our sons are Jonah, 5, and Davin, 2. We have been attending and worshiping at St. Luke's for approximately two years now. We are new to the Anglican tradition but have deep appreciation and respect for its rich heritage. It is my sincere hope and prayer that I would be able to use my gifts of theological study and education in concert with others in order to serve the members of St. Luke's, the local community and the church catholic.